ITunes Gift On Facebook

All People in the world now are close, because facebook had make us in the same place around the world. This Site is type in social network. However The terms of raw page hits per month, Facebook is the fastest growing social network in the world. This makes it a great place to look for family, friends, or that long-lost someone who you have always wondered about. The ability to search for people based on their high school, college, or place of work makes finding people easier.

But fun and curiosity are only two of many reasons to join Facebook. A growing number of actors, musicians, writers, and artists are finding Facebook to be a key asset in getting in touch with their fans, and businesses are finding social networks to be a great form of marketing. ANd Your freinds. By The Way You can Hold your iTunes to this site (Facebook).
The Visitors and member of this site could find to the iTunes Fan Page on Facebook. And can send iTunes Online Gifts in several easy steps:

First>> You Must Have A facebook Account and modify your profile, with the featured the iTunes Page.
Second >> Create and customize an iTunes Online Gift with a personal message for Your family and friends, in denominations from $5 upto $50.
Third>> Schedule a time to deliver it; either immediately or on a future date.
So>> Purchase it online with your credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

Your friends and your destination to send your gift also received your gift by this site. You can redeem so easy and instantly from iTunes Store . However this promo also for U.S civil for Other country, is also next project for this promo. So For Japan. China, And Indonesia Just wait for this promotion to your country.
thanks to read,

Main Hati atau Main Body

Keboaja pernah bikin status di facebook tentang main hati dan main body
Bunyi statusnya seperti ini
Lebih buruk mana selingkuh hati ato selingkuh body?
Gimana komentar teman-teman difacebook selengkapnya dapat dilihat disini

Iseng aja sebenarnya pengen nampilin link yang menampilkan hanya satu status difacebook, sekalian update blog supaya backlinknya tidak hilang.


Iseng aja nyobain fasilitas lupa password buat akun email saya ternyata saya gak bisa jawab pertanyaan keamanannya :(

Keisengan ini berawal dari akun facebook teman yang dihack sekalian emailnya juga.

Nah kalo hal ini terjadi pada teman-teman blogger... sudah siapkah anda?

Waspada waspada waspadalah...

My Nephew

My Brother had a Baby. Since March,29 2009, the Boy was so big. Now he is 7 month Old. He is look so happy than i had looked before. He always hold his toys , Sometime he hold some brights toy, like sticker. It can glow in the Dark, my nephew call him Ubey. He plays his toys every time, but some time his parents chose gift him some Dolls. Yeah, there is awful actually i hope his parents gift him some safe toys. I told to them what i think,gift ideas for your baby.

I recommend to way out in city park, Play in the yard. More activities for their boy, and took some picture. And gift him some moment with my New digital cameras . However, if we forget some thing moment, or Ubey had growth Up, we can remember this moment from the picture. I Know, Ubey can growth up in this family. The Healthy and Safety family than he live with me- I had growth in the rural area, in Jember Town, where the crime is activities- and his Grand father and grand Mother where live.

Ubey can growth with easy, no drugs, no alcohol, and no illegal Gambling. He can go to school, and get a perfume that is smiles good for him. I hope so, he get bright and better future than Us. Because his Uncle, and My family teach us so hard to face this live. Yeah, live is so hard.

His Moms - my sister in law- had graduates in University Of Muhamadiyah Jember. But his father was not graduates. His father is police officer, for far away from our home. But his father work in this town. The town had characters of traditional food is made from cassava's fermented. Tape all people here call it.

Back to my ideas , if we had walk in city park. we must prepare to bring ubey. I got idea, bought some pushchairs . for him, but ubey's parents had not a lot of money. so I gave them money to buy some pushchairs. It is cheaper than you buy in the store Or Hyper mart. However pushchairs is a simple solution and cheap for this little family. I told to my brother and sister, you could safe a money for your child. Just do my gift ideas and bought it by this site. OK, thanks to read my story.

Cheap seat, had reserved for You

There is one of my Favorit Match in NFL. When the New York Giants un beatable in that seasons. This team is one of most popular team in NFL. For futher this team had won many match in last seasons. My Grand father told to me how his know the match in radio, thats so interesting. But it is so old school. However the fans of this team, especially people who older than my father is would listen this game. Because Television is not the real watching the game. Radio can make you, feels like in the yard. What ever you had not a tickets.

Yeah this time for saving money!! All of us know, our new president is had not finishing to stop this finance crisis. New York Giants tikets is still expensive, but you can reserve the ticket from this site. Any that I had paid for reserved?? No, actually this site is cheaper for your tickets seat price.

So, if you love the city home AFL had won and successful in 1960's. But after the Herm Edwards ended his time as head coach -actually my brother second favorites manager, after Sir ALEX Ferguson (Manchester United coach) soccer team- of the New York Jets and he signed a 4-year, $12,000,000 contract to become and move to the new head of the Kansas City Chiefs. The New York Jets are a professional American football team based in the New York City metropolitan area. So he prefer to watching New York Jets in television than buy buy the New York Jets tickets.

By the way, if you prefer watching the musical who successful in 60's era than watching the football. check this site, you can enjoy with the rock n' roll style. This group had began their debut in November 6th , 2005. Over all this group is my new favorite live band show.
If You calling this official this site you will always encounter a friendly. Professional ticket broker who is eager to provide you with assistance. Let they know about your desires, budget, and what New York Giants or New York Jets event, and do not forget to buy Jersey Boys tickets. And reserve your seat for enjoying the new band that had a new raked $400,000 at the box office. you want to attend and we can help figure out which tickets will fill your needs. Ok, for my advice just learn for futher information in this site before you calling them.

New Mums Need a Help

You need a reference how care your baby? how care pushchair without the nanny? All of us know how the TV program is describe the nanny is very stronger and very kind. For the new mums that is possible to get some job for the nanny. But some people think that is expensive. How we pay them for the first time your happy live with your baby. Look the baby play they toys , so sweet. Read the story even though the baby has not understand. Smiling to husband and kiss him because, no more couple in a house. The baby is hold in our arm. But the baby has not separate us.

No longer for the family is need documentation for their baby. Is time to take a picture, digital cameras is very useful. You can delete the picture that you do not want to print out. Digital camera had a new era. All of us can use digital camera, no more film. The Display had get picture at that time. So how we tell digital camera had invented old school camera, with film and more blitz light. Just think simply, this age time for digital cameras. OK, take Your family MOMENT, of course with the baby and your husband.
I love to take picture in kitchen, that is so colorful. But you can improve in other places.

Actually, park is the best place if you get the picture in noon time. where flowers had fill the garden. Butterfly fly over to your baby, do not miss with your dog. But if you take a picture in garden please to be opposite of the sun. If you was not opposite the sun, the picture had a darkness view. It is the simple trick from old school cameras. Did it is broken? No, it did not, because digital cameras had produce in sensitive lens. But the picture is broken.

So, the new mums you must had first instinct to how care with your baby. second you and your husband had take a picture for your new happy family, take with a digital camera. Cheers

Ada yang Nakal

Ada yang nakal mencoba mengambil alih akun facebook saya...

Nyoba login gak bisa-bisa...

Langsung aja ngecek email...

Ada email baru dengan subject Facebook Password Change dan Facebook Contact Email Change Notification

Email yang digunakan pelaku: sama

Dalam email yang bersubject Facebook Contact Email Change Notification ada tulisan However, if that address is not familiar or you did not request to change your contact email, please follow this link to cancel the request. Saya ikuti aja linknya... Syukur Alhamdulillah akun facebook saya kembali lagi... Amin

Maen Ke NEOBux yuks...

Nolongin teman Yang sekarang memulai berbisnis PTC, dengan cara Bikin usaha di web dengan nempelin beragam banner. Bukan google ads, cuman bener biasa. Bikinan Blog-blog Neobux gak tau dech ini bisa apa gak, sabar yach. monggo daftar aja dulu. KLO gak yakin ini scam mendingan gak usah Ikut atau daftar dari referal saya Kunjungi ini

DENGAN JELAS saya Masih dalam Tahapan Mencoba, (Beta Version/Uji coba) jadi Saya sama sekali tidak Bertanggung Jawab jika nantinya site ini adalah SCAM

Newest ONLine Game

Life isn’t fair. Men get all the breaks. You’ve devoted all of your 20’s to getting your career off the ground. Not that you haven’t been gaming…you have, but not seriously. Now here you need, something and there is no long term relationship in Online game aion. You can actually hear your international block gaming. You have a precious few years to find a games to fall in love with, make You fall in love with play it, get some interested, and have a pleasure or its lights out. You already know all of the game in your social circle(ON Line). Not that they aren’t nice guys…some of them…but none of them are your game. What’s a game prepare to do?

Consider online gaming. You have the opportunity to read hundreds of profiles and look at hundreds of pictures in search of that “Many game” that will be right for you. Maybe he will live in the same your city do…maybe he will live across the country or even in another country altogether. You aren’t limited to only those men that you come in contact with personally. The possibilities are aion classes is direct with you.


“Is online gaming safe”, you ask. “Aren’t the online dating sites made up entirely of perverts, predators and weird just aion forum in assorted shapes and sizes?” the answer is, no they aren’t. Not anymore anyway. That was true when online gaming first came on the scene but now it is mainstream. It’s as safe as you make it using common sense and sound judgment. Use the same caution that you would when meeting any gamers. Don’t give your real name, address or phone number until you feel safe doing so. Don’t rush into a face-to-face meeting until you are confident and then make the first meeting in a public place and during daylight hours. Give it a try…Mr. Right might be a few mouse clicks away.

SO what do You waiting for Just take a few minutes for a joints , lets play the game

Bali's Mail Box for PEACE

Bali, Indonesia is one off tourist destination in vacation. Tourist around the world had known Bali. But after Bali blast in 2002 – Bomb Had terror Bali and Many tourist dies – tourist activities is go down. And the business is one by one was bankrupt. Now Noordin Moh Top had killed by Indonesian’s Police at last week ago. Bali’s Business is running, and increase at last day.

My friend Hendra is works in Bali. He had to income, first he does his job. Second income is became from tourist travel accommodation and sending post card. Post card is old school and replace by SMS – short messages service- However is the comfortable to send a greeting in Holyday – IDUL fitri, X mast day, or kuningan and nyepi’s day- is acceptable. The culture of sending greeting well is good. But some times Post man had leave the greeting cards by the below of door. It can make the card or mail is broken. Solution to this is a mail box. It is cheaper than we rent a P.O. Box in post office.
He thinks it is a challenges , how he gets much money. “just easy, find the sample of mail box producer or factory, modify the design and sell” that was he told me. I and Hendra browsing the internet to find out some factory or design of mail boxes. I did not agree with his choice, I find the old school design product. It matched in the residence in seminyak, Legian, and Kuta. Hendra thinking some thing, and calculate the cost of production and how much he gets if he sells the mailboxes. Great, he spoke so loudly at nine’s cyber cafĂ©. He decided to run this business by selling mail boxes. It simply and no more cost for production.

He order to this web store Mailbox, many type of mail boxes. Brcause this site accepted buying by online order.

  • Single type mail box, with the stick that hold the mail box
  • Multi type Mail boxes it pleasure to use in family residence, bungalow in Kuta, Bali.
  • Wall Mount MailBox is most ordered by Private residence in Kuta and Seminyak. Many Australian and U.S civil who own residence and bungalows property in Bali almost ordered.
I hope his can succeed to run this business. Believing hendra, and situation of bali never bombed again. And people safe each other and send greeting messages, no more SMS. Good luck brother.

Chemistry Help

My task had to submitted in this week. I get many problems in chemistry, because the nuclear physics is need more advance chemistry lesson. The task is completely complex in chemistry lesson, so simple and not so hard. It just a like chemist in K-12. Some time I ask my friend to teaches me in Chemistry Tutor. However this task had to finished and solved by my friend in this week. Swear i need Chemistry Tutoring now.

I had searching in Google how to solve many Questions in my assignment. That’s not so easy like that time when in my school (senior High School). As long as I remember this site had a Online chemistry help , no one website had explain the chemist more than I want. Since I fond this site, that so completely to finished my task. Just a moment, although this site is better than the site had recommended from my friends to me.
For example in my task:

  • Explain the chain about alkynes’ structure? This was easy in our k12. But now I must focused in physics, but my subject that I take (chemistry) had to finish in this week.
  • Count how much hydrogen that had in to alkynes and alcohol ? explained, and find the name of the structure each other? Wow, I forget this lesson. Swear I need some one help me. With simply tutor, or much books.
Finally this site is one of solution to solve my assignment. For further I need to answer my question it had. If the question correctly hard we still can solve. Because this site contains is full Chemistry Help and many question or test. In this part of site had contact to administrator to Online Chemistry Tutoring . Just click, find your need to finish the task. Prepare your examination of chemistry, by internet, no more pages, no more books. Use internet to more smart solution.
I recommend to you it is different than college or city library website. Check it out and feel the different. Chemist study.

note: this is not only for student of college, student of school can use it(k12). Subject of chemistry had divide by Online Chemistry Tutor . And You can find out the tutor

Statistik Blog

Dalam bloging saya tertarik sekali memperhatikan statistiknya. Tempat langganan saya melihat statistik adalah di Sudah cukup komplit disini.

Sempat blog ini punya backlink tapi begitu blog ini tidak disentuh semua backlink itu lenyap. Menjadi tanda tanya besar sebenarnya pada diri saya cara untuk mendapat backlink ini.

Saatnya untuk mengembalikan statistik blog ini.

Untuk pengunjung blog ini saya informasikan sekali lagi kalo blog ini selain saya ada bangjlimz sebagai penulis, jangan sampai salah ya.

Mumpung masih suasana lebaran saya mengucapkan Mohon maaf lahir batin buat teman-teman blogger semuanya.

Barca VS Inter

Walaupun tidak menjadi fans berat dari intermilan maupun barcelona, pertandingan kali ini juga sangat penting dan layak untuk disaksikan. Tingkat pertandingan ini juga memiliki ke-fanatikan yang cukup. Memang tidak sebanding dengan pertandingan antara MU Versus Barcelona di Roma pada Akhir waktu yang lalu. Namun Bisa menghibur Para GIBOL Di penjuru Dunia. Termasuk para gibol di Indonesia.....

Tingkat phsyco pertandingan ini cukup besar mencapai 7/9,,artinya prediksi saya ini menjelaskan beberapa bursa taruhan dan kefanatikan menjadi sangat penting. SISI lain ini menjelaskan bagaimana Samuel Eto'o yang telah berpindah ke Intermilan harus menjajal Team yang dulu di Bela. Begitu Juga pada Ibra, yang Juga menjadi andalan Barca saat Ini..

Saatnya Membuktikan siapa yang cukup layak diandalkan untuk Juara Di Kancah eropa kali ini

Operating System

Jember University is one of college in Indonesia. It a state university, one of favorite college in Indonesia. Information center does not use a Macintosh Operating system. Some time we got a trouble in network, and more displeasure at internet access. However we always proud, but i think it need some to increase in access. With networking or internet access with true operating system. Many student do not learn more internet access and more about networking.

My group had critic the officer to change the operating system in to Linux ( DEWAlinux, One of Distro of linux in my country). But in other time i had read the macintosh Operating system for network, i believe it can be powerful. Because the system can allows us to boot mac computer and could running in other mac Operating system X server..For further information u can contact this web.

In my mind macintosh operating system can make us in more information and powerful. For the server and client, otherwise no internet security software. Example mac operating system :

  1. Mac Operating system for Net boot service. First action you must installed the Mac OS software. It must to server for mac user in our college, or people who use mac operating system. If there is not install it can make a displeasure for the user. However Server can adding many people who does not use a windows operating system.
  2. Mac for net install image, is had a upgrading a mac OS. it so closed to us to optimized a deployment and purpose to and restore configuration to us. So server can close to user and more free network in our college.

The conclusion is Jember University's information center should be change the operating system. And make a network user pleasure and easier to identity user image and operating system. Or give us some reason to use and protected the networking in our university. However is sugest to my college to buy windows 7 Thanks

Business,,Business,,and Business again

Economic crisis can stopped by This .Now You sure to get something revenue that almost make you rich or something problem that make you sad. Yeah there is money, from website you will earn some bucks. It easy how we get to something in business. No, is not so difficult than we thing.

  1. Build Your Web in some domain and some hosting. Or you can make by Blog (Blogspot, wordpress, and many more).
  2. Increase your rank, by blogwalking. Follow. some blog that you interest, or create a feed burner to your account.
  3. Or contact some people who can teach you to make some interest website or blogs
  4. Get a Web directory, Now.

In Other someone can teach you for further web blog master. For You, i guest to ask Jasmine directory or Max directory . Dont Forget To Joint with us after you call them.

My confession Jasmine, is she can advise you more than about web directory. So sometime she can advise you in lifestyle. So what you waiting for, is time to joint in free web directory??

If you ask me how max can work?? It web is more than powerful option to build. The SEO friendly web directory offer you some interested option ( ART, Automotive, Marketing, finance, computer hardware and software, and more). Check My honestly confession from the free web directory . Believe me...I am Honest,heheheh


Its No to easy for me to prove who am I? Where am I? and more question that i dont know the answer,,,,so closed to die before,,,so terrible in my live

Treasure Dreams come true

Jack Sparrow said to us “how got a gold, without buy?” So William turner was ignored the idea. His had a good idea, how buy gold in Tortuga (port of pirates). That’s awesome in Caribbean’s sea, where gold had got by stole or rob the British ship, or more EIC trading ship. For a long times ago England had accepted buy gold coins, this is one of economic policy of this country. They call it mercantilism that country (England, Spain, Holland, Portugal, etc) is race to find mine of gold. Then they trade, by sell and buy gold coin. England and Spain had draw theirs king in theirs gold coin.

William T. and Captain Jack Sparrow love to collects British gold coins. They call English coins is more mystic and prestige to trade in Tortuga. Tortuga is accepted more than Gold, this place is heaven for the pirates in the world. At this age gold is everything, whatever you got? Pirate, mugging, stole, robbing. However there is story of Black pearl ship that had own by Captain Jack Sparrow who prefer steal a gold than buy gold coin.

In this age many people had said to us, forex and fund is real investment. When a big bubble had explosive or bang in the end of year 2008, global market is shacked down. Many company had Bankrupt, many people had lost their money and investment. Too much people had fired from their jobs, some people had innovate to back economic policy, buy bullion. Some bank and financial consultant solve people to buy gold bullion. There more stable to fight this crisis and more increased to trade or sale again. Check this site to find more solution about financial against to the crisis of this age

Gold can safe your money, solve your finance problems and more solution to our live. For further information contact us.

Pembatasan Penggunaan komputer

Penggunaan computer sering kali membuat kita lupa akan kebutuhan waktu. Atau saat melihat anak ataupun adik-adik kita yang betah berlama-lama dihadapan computer. Entah sedang main game, ataupun berinternet ria dengan facebook. Tentunya kita tidak dapat melarang apalagi computer dan teknologinya sekarang merupakan kebutuhan yang tak dapat dihindarkan. Salah satu solusinya adalah dengan membatasi pemakaian computer itu sendiri. Kita dapat menggunakan fungsi dasar dari sistem MS-DOS (untuk windows tentunya).
  1. Pastikan dalam operasional computer anda terdiri dari 2 buah user accounts. Dan salah satu fungsi user accountnya memiliki type “limited”. Dan yang lainnya adalah administrator.
  2. Jika belum, buatlah sebuah user accounts khusus untuk anak atau adik anda, tanpa password- untuk memudahkan mereka mengakses computer- dan ini akan berbeda dengan user accounts milik anda yang berpassword nantinya dan memiliki akses penggunaan computer secara bebas.
  3. Jika semua sudah dilakukan- sudah terdapat user accounts dengan type limited- maka log-in pada user accounts anda yang memiliki password serta fungsi admin. Setelah itu klik menu windows/start kemudian “Run”. Lalu ketikan “cmd.exe” untuk membuka command prompt. Atau dapat juga anda gunakan pada menu all programs| accessories kemudian klik menu command prompt.
  4. Pada command prompt tersebut anda dapat mengetikan : “net user tamu/times:Monday-Saturday,13-16”( hilangkan tanda kutip- setelah parameter /times tidak diijinkan ada spasi) misalkan nama user account baru untuk anak anda adalah tamu, atau Andi. Jika semua telah benar dilakukan maka tekan Enter.
  5. Untuk mengecek apakah yang anda lakukan telah sesuai maka ketikan “net user tamu” pada command prompt sehingga anda dapat mengetahui informasi dan detail tentang program tersebut.
  6. Sekarang anda tidak perlu lagi mengingatkan dan khawatir pada anak atau adik anda dalam menggunakan computer karena telah disediakan waktu khusus dalam mengguunakan computer . Dan dengan bijak anda telah memberikan aturan tanpa anda harus bersusah payah mengingatkan.
  7. Jika nantinya anda sudah tidak mau membatasi lagi. Maka yang perlu anda lakukan adalah menyeting ulang waktu yang akan digunakan dengan perintah pada command prompt “net user tamu/times:all”. Dan anda sudah membebaskan anak anda dari peraturan waktu dalam menggunakan computer.

Investment In Gold

There is nobody in this world likes to be trapped by the debt problems in their life. But is the fact, many people always make some debts as one. The Solution is investing a money in a buy gold or buy some forex. There no one can change the safe investment other gold.

Some people worry about theirs gold, because he worried if the gold had stolen. But in this site u can find more safety investment with buy gold coin so is easy to travel and bring it. Many solution is gold can trade in other country without worried about rejected. Many Country is accept to buy gold coins. Some Older gold is in U.S statistic, because gold might is a liquid investment trading throughout daily economic challenge.

there is many option to investment your money:

  • 1. Buy Gold (gold, gold coin)
  • 2. Buy Bullion (is easy to trade because is more safety than buy a gold or gold coins. It's including by portfolio of stock, and reduce the volatility. If the economic challenge is go down the portfolio of your is increased or static. So I offer U to buy Gold bullion , many option for price (American Buffalo, Australian Gold Nugget, and more price thats offer to buy gold coins )

So what are U Waiting for is time to investment to buy Gold bullion and find your earn money in this site !!

Fashion At party

Make your personality live performance at party. Every people want looks good, so many people like to show what they have.It guide how to make me looks good at my friend's party at thats time. shopwiki offer more than a hundreds fashionable for men and women.For example ( site and find your guide to fashionable person).

All over this site is give and more solution to make a party so colourfull. And this price isn't make your budget is empty. In other time you can prove more fashionable party. And get people fashionist and comfertable to entering many party, lets go to fashionable a party.

You can get a solution about how we get looks good (handsome and beauty) without expensive price. So could you go to party with riddicolous watch? or with Vintage not fashionist jewel?? Dont make your friend shy because your customs is not comfortable and fashionable.

AC Milan Had Lossed In San Siro

This week Derby match had played in Milan. this is about the true fighter in One Home Town And best In the World. Intermilan Has Won with 4 goal in AC Milan.. In First match
AC Milan Has lossed 3 Points Goal, and Added By Intermilan In Second Match..So I was Freak To The World


Dikarenakan jarang updatenya blog ini... Keboaja memberikan  akses buat bangjlimz untuk menulis diblog ini. Sekian pengumuman saya.

Browser Alternatif buat Ponsel Anda

Biasanya keboaja kalau browser pakai ponsel... aplikasinya standar bawaan nokia... Dapat info dari facebook group Mafia Wars.

Nama aplikasinya UC Browser link downloadnya.

Baru sedikit mencoba... script memotong postingan secara otomatis bekerja pada aplikasi ini. Jika Website terlalu panjang akan dibagi dalam halaman-halaman.

Silahkan mencoba.

Facebook Mobile Text

Bingung mau nulis apa... yang penting update, xixixixi....

kebanyakan maen game mafia wars sama rock legends ni...

itung-itung nyari pengalaman ketagihan game online, xixixixi...

lumayanlah sekarang udah bisa memberikan sedikit waktu buat blog. Ini juga lagi nyiapin template baru.

terinspirasi dari hp saya yang sepi dari sms maupun telpon... akhirnya daftar facebook mobile text. Dari sini kita bisa update status, balesi komen lewat sms. Dan pada list friend ada tambahan sms subscriptions, jika kita memasukkan teman ke list ini maka update statusnya akan masuk ke hp kita dalam bentuk sms.

Catatan: kalau teman update statusnya tengah malam, siap-siap aja terganggu dengan sms masuk, xixixi..
operator yang didukung sampai terakhir saya daftar adalah 3, AXIS dan Telkomsel.

Dan akhirnya hp saya tidak sepi lagi.

Facebook Game: Mafia Wars

Game mafia wars ini ternyata banyak sekali penggemarnya. Banyak pengunjung yg datang ke blog ini dengan kata kunci mafia wars.

Game ini pun berkembang dengan adanya misi di Cuba, tapi uang di Cuba susah sekali di dapatkan. Untungnya game saat itu masih belum sempurna. Item di Cuba dapat dibeli dari New York kemudian dijual. Dengan cara inilah saya mendapat uang di Cuba. Akhirnya bisa full upgrade business di Cuba, untuk pendapat tiap 3 jamnya.

Saat fight maksimal membawa 501 baik mafia maupun itemnya. Tidak semua item bisa dibeli tapi bisa didapatkan saat melakukan job atau fight. Beberapa item yang terbaik yang saya miliki sampai saat ini.

Kalau saja item ini bisa saya miliki sejumlah 501 betapa kuatnya mafia saya.

Selamat bermain Mafia Wars.

Bingung "(keinginan)"

Sehari-hari nongkron di depan warnet ditemani teman-teman SD, kalau gak gitu maen game facebook.

Seperti yang kita rasakan musim terus berganti. Udara disekeliling berubah menjadi dingin. Biasanya diiringi musim kawin. Saya kapan kawinnya ya?

Memang si kawin itu gak semudah yg kita bayangkan..belum biaya inilah, itulah..walaupn aku pernah bilang ma teman ngapain kamu takut kawin nasi di rumah aja masih banyak sisanya.. "ehm sok lho"

Tulisan di atas tulisan teman keboaja, ditulis saat nongkrong pakai hp ngirimnya pakai email.

Discover Microsoft's new Search services

Saya dapat email dari The Bing Team.


As a valued partner in the Webmaster and Search community, we'd like you to be among the first to experience Bing™ and share some of its great new features. We also want to ensure you are aware of the existing and soon to be updated suite of tools available for you to power your site via

Bing is a new world of search services. It provides users with a powerful way to cut through the clutter and make more informed decisions. Among its new features:

Instant Answers: finds specific answers to informational queries, e.g. "What is 55F in Celsius" offers rich media and structured data and a general search term like “weather” yields a 5-day forecast for your location.
Preview: enables searchers to find out more information about a site by previewing individual results on the results page to reduce back-and-forth searching.
Best Match: delivers results with deep links and highly relevant information to help searchers to get the right information faster.
So what does this mean to you? The API provides webmasters and developers programmatic access to Bing, offering ever more open, flexible options for building or enhancing your site or applications. You can learn more about the API at By August 30, 2009 all use of the Bing API must reflect brand attribution. If you are interested in using the API, please familiarize yourself with our terms of use located here.

Feedback and support can also be found in our new blogs and forums We are in the process of updating our site with new content and tools and will let you know when it is live later this month.

Thanks again for your partnership and for using the API and Webmaster tools. We look forward to your feedback and continued partnership.

The Bing Team

Ntah ini baru atau bukan, saya pajang aja dah. Keboaja baru dengar kalau Microsoft punya yang beginian.

NB: Ternyata begitu Naik PageRank blog ini job dati BlogsVertise datang terus, luar biasa. Padahal kalau bayar telat-telah, hmmmmm.


Pertama: saya pajang award dari tukang komen

kedua: keboaja mengucapkan terima kasih kepada teman-teman blogger yang menjadi referral blog ini (10 teratas pada bulan Mei).

Beberapa hari ini saya kumpul sama teman-teman SD, kumpulnya sampai larut malam terus maklum yang ikut kumpul sama-sama masih pengangguran. Padahal pengen blogwalking dan ngerjain job dari blogvertise. Tapi gak enak juga kan ditinggalin. Hari-hari yang melelahkan.

Sekian dulu masih belum tau harus menulis apa. Kalau ada yang kurang sreg dengan templatenya tulis aja dikomen. Sekian dulu, bye bye.


Lama juga udah nggak update neh blog, kasian sekali dia. Ini gara-gara game di facebook. Bikin otak buntu untuk menulis.
Walaupun gak update google pageranknya nambah satu. Jadi tiga.

Templatenya saya ganti, ternyata masih banyak kekurangan dari template ini. Ternyata bikin template itu tidak mudah ya. Jadi untuk teman-teman blogger yang pakai template buatan orang lain jangan di ilangin credit di footernya.

Oh iya, kemarin jalan-jalan lagi ke Mataran. Nganterin berkas yg kurang. Karena saya lulus psikotes. Tinggal wawancara terakhir. Mudah-mudahan aja bisa lulus dan mulai bekerja.

Lagi utak-atik google webmaster tools, dibagian sitemap. Ada pesan warning dan error. Setelah saya hilangkan Post Feed Redirect URL dan menggunakan sitemap rss.xml dan feeds/posts/default?alt=rss. Pesan error dan warningnya hilang tapi subscribernya berkurang. Sebenarnya saya tidak tau apa itu sitemap, mungkin ada yang bisa bantu?

Mohon maaf kalo bingung bacanya, harap maklum dalam proses menuju sebuah tulisan yang lebih baik. Mohon bimbingannya.

Facebook dan Friendster: Mafia War

Pengaruh Facebook memang luar biasa sekali.

Entah kenapa bisa sangat signifikan sekali dengan Friendster (friendsternya dah jarang saya buka sekarang).

Dimana saya sendiri bisa bertemu dengan banyak teman yang lama telah saya rindukan. Saat di friendster tidak saya temukan. Salah satunya kakak tingkat sewaktu kuliah.

Terlebih lagi yang membuat saya betah di facebook karena ada aplikasinya.
Terutama Mafia War. Tiada hari tanpa main game ini.

Namanya juga Mafia semakin banyak semakin kuat, Hahaha.

Melalui tulisan ini saya mengajak teman-teman blogger untuk bergabung dalam mafia saya.

Join My Facebook dan Join My Mafia.

Terima kasih yang buat teman-teman yang dah mau add jadi teman walaupun gak join di mafia.

Dan terima kasih juga atas kritik dan sarannya atas blogspot template yang saya buat.

Blogspot Template - Minima Black and White

Nyoba bikin template siapa tau ada yang tertarik.
Maaf belum ada petunjuk penggunaan maupun informasi untuk template pertama ini. Mohon komentarnya untuk lebih menarik lagi tampilannya.

Ada yang berubah dengan Follower, jumlah barisnya jadi 12, panjang deh.

Saya dapat Award

Hari ini saya mau memajang award saja.

ganteng award
Award ini pemberian mas Pandu

i love ur blog
dan award yang ini pemberian mas torik

Thanks ya mas atas awardnya. Bingung mau nulis apa lagi. Cukup sekian dulu.

Diriku Kangen Rumah

Pengen cepat-cepat pulang tapi ngak bisa, gara-garanya ada urusan yang belum selesai. Padahal sayakan dah kangen banget ma rumah. Mana persiapan hanya sampai hari minggu lagi. Hari ini belum tentu bisa pulang lagi. Sedihnya . . .

Kabarku Hari Ini

Setelah sekian lama menanti akhirnya debit card dari payoneer setelah daftar di reviewme datang juga dan dapat sms untuk mengikuti psikotes di Mataram hari minggu jam 08.00 wita.

Walaupun belum tau cara pakai ni debit card paling tidak card ini sudah ditangan. Seperti biasa penyamun membimbing saya, thanks banget mas. Ntar kalo sukses menggunakan card ini saya akan menulisnya.

Hari ini saya akan melakukan perjalanan menuju Mataram dalam rangka memenuhi panggilan tes, berhubung belum tau tempat tesnya dan paling tidak ada waktu istirahat untuk jaga stamina juga. Doain saya ya semoga bisa lulus dan mengikuti tahapan tes selanjutnya.

Belakangan ini kok banyak yang kehabisan ide ya? Dan banyak juga yang berbicara tentang cinta. Ada apa ini ada apa?

Sekian dulu dari saya. Terimakasih atas perhatiannya.

Prediksi Final Liga Champions 2009

Liga Champions tinggal satu pertandingan lagi.
Siapakah yang menjadi pemenang?
MU atau Barcelona.
Kita tidak tau sebelum peluit panjang ditiupkan.
Tapi ini ada prediksi dari temen saya yang bisa nerawang.

Hasil akhirnya dimenangkan oleh MU.
Skor akhir 2-0, 2-1 atau 3-1.
Seperti yang saya bilang tadi setelah peluit panjang dibunyikan baru kita tau hasil akhirnya.

Setelah buka lebih dari satu minggu, yah lumayan lah penghasilannya, cukup kata Bos warnet. Bos mulai ngeblog juga loh.

Rani Juliani

Nama Rani Juliani sekarang lagi ramai-ramainya.
Sampai-sampai ada yang sengaja beli domain pakai nama tersebut. Tertanggal 6 Mei 2009, tepatnya 3 hari yang lalu. Iseng banget dah kayaknya.
Sungguh luar biasa wanita yang satu ini. Tapi tetap belum bisa mengalah mbak cebong, betul gak mas rio?

Sampai sekarang yang paling saya tidak bisa adalah menulis/mengarang. Ternyata dalam setiap repiu kita harus mengarang sebuah cerita dan tentunya cerita gak asal cerita, harus sesuai dengan faktanya. Terus nulisnya pakai bahasa planet lagi. Diriku menulisnya sampai tidak tidur saking lamanya. Ternyata mendapat uang lewat blog tidak semudah itu. :(

Tapi tidak apa-apa yang penting tetap menulis dan menulis sambil belajar SEO bersama mas Albri. (niru mas bi2t, blogger yang banyak menulis tentang mobile blogging).

History Of My Blog

At first I write a blog just to reveal what is in my mind. Sometime later is interested or not, I will keep writing. But in the end I lonely because they do not have any posts on my comments. I think all you have to feel happiness because I have the first comment on any posts you. Though a friend of your own. Moreover, the comment is the person that you do not know.

In the end you are not satisfied with the least comments. Start walking your blog, leaving impressions on the Shoutbox, to comment in the hope that he will be back to comment on your blog. to reproduce your comments on any posts.

Only with the blog walking has not been enough to increase your blog traffic. You have to understand about search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO you will help to understand to increase your Traffic, PageRank and alexa rank. With them that will make you easier for advertising and blogs because you are website on the front page in the search engine.

The most important in SEO is HTML page title. HTML page title must include your target keyword. In default blogspot formula, your title is {Blog name}-{Post title}. To increase page landing swap your title formula to be {Post title}-{Blog name}.

Switch to other topics. Why we as bloggers should choice this way to make money online? Why? Term of registration: A blog with page rank zero is accept and maximum alexa rank 1.000.000. Thas simple and easy, it’s right? And after your install the code, within an hour your blog has been approve. And amore interesting you can reserver up to (3) three opportunities/day/blog, and you can have up to (10) blogs in your account.

I think I already said too much, thanks for your attention. Keep blogging, leave a comment and make money online.

Pemilu Presiden 8 Juli 2009

Dapat sms dari KPU yang isinya:
Apa lagi yang ditunggu?

Akhirnya belajar jadi blog matre, dan mudah-mudahan yang terjadi pada Penyamun tidak terjadi pada saya.

Shopwiki: Home Furnishings and Decor

Are you looking for Furniture, Beds, Home Accessories, Therapeutic Pillows and others see this one Home, Furnishings and Decor at shopwiki.

You are not comfortable to sleep? This may be caused by your pillow. There are a variety of pillows. To learn more about the pillow you can read the Therapeutic & Contoured Pillows guide. example: Luxury Pillows, Cherry Stone Thermal Pillows, Herbal Pillows, Buckwheat Hull Pillows, Pregnancy Pillows and Back Support Pillows.

And the most important for you to know, the price of goods in shopwiki suitable for all. Let shopping!

And many more that you can see in wikishop, Outdoor Entertaining, Housewares and Home Maintenance Products, Home Accessories, Home and Garden Products, Garden Hoses and many more.

Bloglist membuat Pengunjung Nyasar

Tidak rugi juga memasang bloglist banyak-banyak. Ternyata ada pengunjung nyasar. Kenapa bisa begitu jangan tanya saya.

Dengan bantuan dari sitemeter keboaja bisa melihat sumber pengunjung datangnya darimana saja, pada bagian By Refferals. Contohnya link ini dengan kata kunci dewi cipluk bayi tertukar. Ini terdapat pada bloglist.

Kan gak baik tuh buat orang kesasar, tapi mau bagaimana lagi. Apakah ini sah-sah saja atau gimana saya ndak tau. Paling tidak widget ini sudah disediakan Google untuk digunakan.

Turut berduka atas meninggalnya saudara kebo a.k.a Jefri dari MAPALA Iwena Univ. Moh. Seroeji Jember, Semoga amal dan ibadahnya diterima, Amin. Kenangan bersamamu selalau hidup di dalam hati dan pikiranku.

Tes Posting Lewat Email

Akhirnya bisa juga posting lewat email, tapi bingung cara naruh labelnya. Gimana caranya ya? Ya sudahlah bahas yang lain aja.

Akhirnya ada panggilan untuk kerja juga, sekian lama menanti. Yah... mudah-mudahan aja bisa lulus akhirnya bekerja. Lumayan untuk buat bayar tagihan internet, hehehe.

Lama nggak update dan nggak sempat BW membuat blog ini jadi sepi pengunjung. Abis bingung juga mau ngenetnya gimana. Yah syukurnya sekarang kakak sepupu ada yang buka warnet (ini lagi bantu-bantu), InsyaAllah mulai senin dah dibuka.

Mau cerita apalagi ya... Udah ah lain kali ajah.

Sebentar-sebentar masih ada.
Buat teman-teman blogger yang sering nulis blog butuh waktu lama jangan lupa diperhatikan Post date and time sebelum dipublish karena kalau langsung dipublish post date and timenya tercatat saat anda pertama kali memulai menulis.

Sekian dulu terima kasih.

Dapat Award neh

Thanks buat haqie atas awardnya.
Award for your support
Aturan yang harus dipatuhi,
  1. kamu harus punya blog *yaiyalah, dah punya semua?*
  2. kamu kenal ama aku, yah minimal penah ngunjungi blog aku 1 kali, gag jugag gag papa hehehe
  3. setelah terima award, harus di posting di masing2 blog
  4. tag-in award ini ke minimal 3 orang
  5. ucapkan makasih donk ama yang memberi, hihihihihihi...
Saya teruskan ke:
  1. Albri
  2. CebongIpiet
  3. Penyamun
  4. Suryaden
  5. RiosiSemut

Thanks buat gonya atas awardnya.

Awardnya tidak saya teruskan, abis bingung juga mau diterusin ke siapa.

Akhirnya blog ini punya PageRank dan juga punya link di google.

Feed Post dan Comment

Beberapa hari yang lalu semangat banget nge-blog tak tau kenapa semangat itu hilang entah kemana.

Saat semangat kemarin saya mengunjungi banyak blog, memberikan komentar pada postingan mereka, memfollow mereka, memasukkan dalam daftar bloglist (*udah sampai 170-an) dan alhamdulillah mereka berkunjung balik dan membuat blog ini menjadi ramai, yang biasanya dalam sehari paling banyak 6 pengunjung (biasanya 1-2 pengunjung) sekarang bisa sampai 20 pengunjung, begitu juga dengan komentar pada tiap postingan atau tulisan.*asyik-asyik mudah-mudahan aja bisa nambah terus. Blogwalking a.k.a BW memang salah satu cara yang cukup mujarab untuk menambah jumlah pengunjung.

Untuk mempertahankan jumlah pengunjung ini cukup berat bagi saya, karena tulisan saya jarang update. Males jugakan berkunjung kalo tulisannya nggak ada perubahan a.k.a nggak update, bener nggak? Tapi tidak sepenuhnya tulisan yang nggak update lalu menjadi sepi, kenapa? Karena penulis dan pengunjung berinteraksi melalui komentar pada tulisan.

Kemudian dari sini timbul pertanyaan, bagaimana saya bisa tau komentar saya di balas atau nggak? Saya rasa semua sudah tau jawabannya, dengan subscribe Feed baik dalam feeds reader maupun email.

Jangan lupa untuk suscribe feed post dan feed comment teman blogger kamu.

Cukup sekian dulu dari saya. Mohon maaf kalo ada salah.

Keboaja memberi dukungan kepada indungg dalam Kampanye damai pemilu indonesia 2009 dan blogtorik dalam Tukang Nggame

Ubuntu 9.04 Code Name Jaunty Jackalope

Ubuntu 9.04 code name Jaunty Jacklope akan release hari ini.

Bagi pengguna setia ubuntu silahkan mendownload, kalau tidak punya bandwidth yang cukup silahkan order cdnya.

Blogspot Anchor Comment

Saya akan berbagi sedikit cerita dimana anchor comment di template ini ada kesalahan. Ternyata masih banyak juga template yang punya kesalahan yang sama dengan template saya ini.

Pada bawaan template anchor name comment yang digunakan adalah #comment-id
<a expr:name='&quot;comment-&quot; +'/>
Sementara pada link menggunakan format #cid untuk memanggil anchor name.
<a expr:href='data:comment.url' title='comment permalink'>
Akhirnya nggak sama dan anchor name comment ini tidak berfungsi/bekerja.

Sekarang saya mencoba untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan ini.

Format anchor ada 2 pilihan, #comment-id atau #cid.
Saya memutuskan mengambil format #cid dengan resiko harus merubah widget Recent Comments, karena widget ini menggunakan format #comment-id. Untuk widget nggak saya bahas. *ora mudeng aku.

Cukup mudah yang dilakukan, cukup mengganti kode di bawah ini,
<a expr:name='&quot;comment-&quot; +'/>
dengan kode ini,
<a expr:name='&quot;c&quot; +'/>
sampai disini anchor name comment berformat #cid dan link sudah bekerja.

Untuk memanggil anchor name comment ada 2 cara. Tetap seperti kondisi awal dengan resiko browsing akan mengeload lagi atau dengan cara menggantikan kode di bawah ini,
<a expr:href='data:comment.url' title='comment permalink'>
dengan kode ini,
<a expr:href='&quot;c&quot; +' title='comment permalink'>
ini sama dengan cara membuat back to top.

Terinspirasi dari cara saya memberikan komen balasan pada tulisan sebelumnya yang meniru template pada wordpress saya yang nggak keurus. Tapi permasalahannya masih dilakukan secara manual, maunya bikin yang otomatis tapi ini diluar kemampuan saya, hiks hiks. Para master silahkan dibuatkan ya ato jangan-jangan sudah ada? beritau saya ya kalo ada.

Kembali ke topik yang lain, seperti biasa memberi dukungan terhadap indungg dalam Kampanye damai pemilu indonesia 2009
Resultnya dapat dilihat di

Facebookchat dengan Pidgin

Untuk chating biar lebih mudah sebaiknya menggunakan aplikasi multiple account

Untuk PC saya gunakan pidgin

Untuk Handphone saya gunakan ebuddy

Pada ebuddy account facebook dah tersedia, sementara pada pidgin belum tersedia. Sekarang kita mengusahakan account facebook ini bisa digunakan pada pidgin.

Saya mengasumsikan komputer yang digunakan menggunakan Operating System windows dan sudah terinstall pidgin.
Pidgin dapat mengakses account facebook dengan tambahan 1 file namanya libfacebook-1.50.dll atau anda dapat mengecek yang terbaru di file ini diletakkan pada C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins. Sampai disini pidgin sudah dapat menjalankan account facebook.

Jika pada Buddies » Show » Protocol Icons anda contreng maka icon protocol untuk facebook tidak muncul, anda perlu mendownload file kemudian extract di C:\Program Files\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\protocols, restart aplikasi, facebook protocol icon sudah tampil.

Beralih ke topik yang lain, pada tulisan sebelumnya MotoGP, kalau ada masalah dengan blog ini. Masalahnya, kalau di google menggunakan kata kunci hasilnya "tak cocok dengan dokumen manapun". Mohon bantuan teman-teman, terutama buat mas Arif (rekomendasi dari mas yoyok).

Nah yang tidak kalah pentingnya neh udah janji sama indungg untuk mendukungnya dalam Kontes SEO 2009 Kampanye damai pemilu indonesia 2009, semoga sedikit bantuan ini memberi banyak berkah, hehehe.


MotoGP sudah dimulai lagi...

Walaupun GP Qatar sempat ditunda karena cuaca yang tidak mendukung alias hujan.

Udah nyetel alarm buat nonton tapi tidak bangun juga, sedihnya...
Akhirnya lihat hasilnya di internet. Jadi gak seru...
Tapi Cukup terobati dengan nonton siaran ulangnya.

Sambil edit template dan masukan daftar link blog list...
Capek juga ternyata banyak temen yang belum dimasukin dalam daftar.
Langsung comment aja kalo mau masuk daftar.

Sambil bw ternyata banyak berita baru...
Yang paling mengagetkan adalah n0c0py mengambil keputusan untuk pensiun...
Ku doakan sukses aja dah dikehidupan barunya.


Ayo rame-rame hari ini kita ke TPS (Tempat Pemungutan Suara)

Jangan sampai GOLPUT ya

Peduli sedikitlah sama keberlangsungan NKRI

Kekacauan pada statistik web ini membuat penyamun turun tangan. Mudah-mudahan kedepannya baik-baik saja. Terutama PR-nya mudah-mudahan bisa kembali...


Kepala masih pusing
Kalo jalan masih miying-miying.

Akhirnya nyoba buka kompie lagi.
Tangan kaku banget ngetiknya
Rasanya mau jatuh kekiri aja ini kepala
Nulis gini aja sampek keringetan
Mudah-mudahan bisa cepat normal...

Kemarin sempat chat ma penyamun cerita riviewme ma payoneer
Tapi gimana ya biar bisa dapat card dari payoneer?
Bingung juga ngklik yang mana yah, hehehe, jadi makin puyeng dah.

Mudah-muadahan kalo nyoba lagi, bisa dapet tuh card.

Nambah Lagi...

Hari ini tanggal 25 Maret ...
Saya berulang tahun...
Ulang tahun ke-26.
Saya berharap kedepannya bisa jadi lebih baik. Bisa hidup mandiri..., trus berkeluarga..., punya anak...(ibunya?), dll...


Dalam rangka mengisi waktu luang. Namanya juga pengangguran... Salah satunya membaca manga.
Manga? apaan tuh. Bagi yang belum tau, manga tuh komik yang discan. Paham? kalo ndak paham ya dah kita lanjutkan.
Saya bacanya di Kalo capek baca satu-satu, dah banyak tuh tutorialnya buat downloadnya.
Lama menganggur bikin stres, asam lambung meningkat perut sakit deh.
Sekian dulu terima kasih.

Thumbnails Wordpress

Kapan hari tuh ngirim komentar di, thumbnailsnya ndak muncul tuh...

Terus yang punya blog jawab kalo itu bawaan dari templatenya...

Akhirnya saya menemukan jawabannya...

Daftarkan aja email anda di, ntar thumbnailsnya muncul deh...

Kita bisa pakai thumbnails orang lain, selama kita tau emailnya.

*untuk blog dengan engine wordpress

Nyoba Wp

Saya nyoba buat blog pakek wordpress neh

Lagi-lagi ngikutin mbak cebong, coba aja dicek theme yang dipakai juga sama, kenapa ya?

Sebenarnya ini hosting saya beli dah lama tertanggal 15 Oktober 2008 silam. Maunya buat blog dengan script buatan n0c0py, berhubung belum jadi-jadi... Yah terpaksa dah nginstall neh wordpress.

Awalnya nginstall wordpress neh diajarin ma udienz, jadi inget pernah ngutek-ngutek komputer bareng sampek adzan subuh mengumandang. Jadi dalam penginstallan gak ada masalah... Thanks banget mas udienz.

Beralih ke hal yang lain ya...

Sekali lagi selamat buat mbak cebong yang udah punya rumah dan alamat sendiri.
Saya punya hostingan sendiri tapi masih gratisan domainnya.

Sekian dulu terima kasih.


Rumah Baru

Selamat ya buat yang udah di rumah baru

Buat mbak cebong selamat ya atas rumah barunya.
Gosipnya hadiah ulang tahun dari Surabaya
Iseng banget neh posting...
Aslinya iri ndak bisa beli. Gimana bisa beli abis nganggur seh.

Kira-kira kalo saya ulang tahun ada yang dengan seneng hati beliin gak ya??

Tugas Pertama

Walaupun saya udah ngeblog sejak Desember 2007 tapi baru sekarang neh dapat tugas.
Tags ini datang dari mas Suryaden, maap mas baru sempat dikerjain neh Alasan doang. Tugasnya neh:
  1. Buatlah daftar 10 hal dan kebiasaan (buruk) yang tidak disukai, namun apabila merasa terdapat lebih dari 10 hal/kebiasaan buruk yang tidak disukai maka silahkan ditulis semuanya.
  2. Sebutkan juga alasan mengapa Anda tidak menyukai hal-hal/kebiasaan-kebiasaan tersebut.
  3. Setelah selesai membuat daftar dan penjelasan seperti yang tertera pada poin 1 & 2, maka silahkan men-tag 10 blogger lainnya.
Silsilah tags Prihandoko » Gratcia Siahaya » Linda Belle » Suryaden Ini daftarnya:
  1. Emosi/marah sesaat, biasanya kalo digangguin terus saya gak tahan abis jail banget.
  2. Lagi serius/asyik/fokus digangguin, susah tau nemuinnya.
  3. Hibernate, ada masa dimana pengennya tidur terus males mo ngapa-ngapian.
  4. Upil, udah pede si upil nongol tuh jadi buyar deh.
  5. Lagi asyik di atas motor terus datang ujan, berteduh dah.
  6. Cewek seksi, yang ngeliat ntar bingung ngelampiaskan tau.
  7. Membaca, kagak kuat neh mata buat baca banyak-banyak kalo komik seh enjoy-enjoy aja.
  8. Menunda pekerjaan, ntar aja ah akhirnya gak di kerjain... wekekeke
  9. bohong, ntar bohong lagi tuk nutupi kebohongan yang sebelumnya...
  10. Sok tau, tapi gue dengerin aja kan kasian...
Alhamdulillah akhirnya bisa nyelsein. Sementara belum tau harus melempar tugas ini ke siapa.

Update 28/02/2009:
Selanjutnya tugas ini saya serahkan ke Noy

Keyboard shortcuts

Hanya menulis shortcut aja

This is a list of keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox.

Back Alt+Left Arrow
ForwardAlt+Right Arrow
Open FileCtrl+O
Ctrl +R
Reload (override cache)Ctrl+F5
Current Page
Go to Bottom of PageEnd
Go to Top of PageHome
Move to Next FrameF6
Move to Previous FrameShift+F6
Page Info
Page SourceCtrl+U
Save Page AsCtrl+S
Zoom InCtrl++
Zoom OutCtrl+-
Zoom ResetCtrl+0
Select AllCtrl+A
Find AgainF3
Find As You Type Link'
Find As You Type Text/
Find PreviousShift+F3
Web SearchCtrl+K
Windows & Tabs
Close Tab Ctrl+W
Close WindowCtrl+Shift+W
Move Tab Left
(when tab is focused)
Ctrl+Left Arrow
Ctrl+Up Arrow
Move Tab Right
(when tab is focused)
Ctrl+Right Arrow
Ctrl+Down Arrow
Move Tab to Beginning
(when tab is focused)
Ctrl +Home
Move Tab to End
(when tab is focused)
New TabCtrl+T
New WindowCtrl+N
Next TabCtrl+Tab
Ctrl+Page Down
Open Address in New Tab
(from Location Bar or Search Bar)
Previous TabCtrl+Shift+Tab
Ctrl+Page Up
Undo Close TabCtrl+Shift+T
Select Tab (1 to 8)Ctrl+(1 to 8)
Select Last TabCtrl+9
Bookmark All TabsCtrl+Shift+D
Bookmark This PageCtrl+D
Caret BrowsingF7
Clear Private DataCtrl+Shift+Del
Error ConsoleCtrl+Shift+J
Complete .com AddressCtrl+Enter
Complete .net AddressShift+Enter
Complete .org AddressCtrl+Shift+Enter
Delete Selected Autocomplete EntryDel
Full ScreenF11
Select Location BarAlt+D
Select or Manage Search Engines
(when Search Bar is focused)
Alt+Up Arrow
Alt+Down Arrow

Configuring keyboard shortcuts

Firefox does not provide any method of customizing keyboard shortcuts.


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