History Of My Blog

At first I write a blog just to reveal what is in my mind. Sometime later is interested or not, I will keep writing. But in the end I lonely because they do not have any posts on my comments. I think all you have to feel happiness because I have the first comment on any posts you. Though a friend of your own. Moreover, the comment is the person that you do not know.

In the end you are not satisfied with the least comments. Start walking your blog, leaving impressions on the Shoutbox, to comment in the hope that he will be back to comment on your blog. to reproduce your comments on any posts.

Only with the blog walking has not been enough to increase your blog traffic. You have to understand about search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO you will help to understand to increase your Traffic, PageRank and alexa rank. With them that will make you easier for advertising and blogs because you are website on the front page in the search engine.

The most important in SEO is HTML page title. HTML page title must include your target keyword. In default blogspot formula, your title is {Blog name}-{Post title}. To increase page landing swap your title formula to be {Post title}-{Blog name}.

Switch to other topics. Why we as bloggers should choice this way to make money online? Why? Term of registration: A blog with page rank zero is accept and maximum alexa rank 1.000.000. Thas simple and easy, it’s right? And after your install the code, within an hour your blog has been approve. And amore interesting you can reserver up to (3) three opportunities/day/blog, and you can have up to (10) blogs in your account.

I think I already said too much, thanks for your attention. Keep blogging, leave a comment and make money online.


  1. waduh pagi-pagi bahasa ku laen, syukur waktu sekolahan sempet jj ke eropa jadi bisa inggris2an(hiahahhaahhaha ngimpi)

    aku suka ngeblog karena di situ tempatku berbagi cerita lewat tulisan.

    tidak terlalu fokus dengna PR dan alexa karena aku lebih suka membaca tiap postingan teman2 dari pada usaha untuk selalu ingin menaikkan trafic

    seperti pagi ini. aku di suguhin bahasa bule, bukankah itu juga suatu pelajaran.
    thanks mas udah jadi komentator pertama di TQ my Ant

  2. Hi Bo, you can write English very well. I'm going with you, leaving comment in others post will increase visitor. :) Keep blogging too.

  3. Thanks bro seno.


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