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All People in the world now are close, because facebook had make us in the same place around the world. This Site is type in social network. However The terms of raw page hits per month, Facebook is the fastest growing social network in the world. This makes it a great place to look for family, friends, or that long-lost someone who you have always wondered about. The ability to search for people based on their high school, college, or place of work makes finding people easier.

But fun and curiosity are only two of many reasons to join Facebook. A growing number of actors, musicians, writers, and artists are finding Facebook to be a key asset in getting in touch with their fans, and businesses are finding social networks to be a great form of marketing. ANd Your freinds. By The Way You can Hold your iTunes to this site (Facebook).
The Visitors and member of this site could find to the iTunes Fan Page on Facebook. And can send iTunes Online Gifts in several easy steps:

First>> You Must Have A facebook Account and modify your profile, with the featured the iTunes Page.
Second >> Create and customize an iTunes Online Gift with a personal message for Your family and friends, in denominations from $5 upto $50.
Third>> Schedule a time to deliver it; either immediately or on a future date.
So>> Purchase it online with your credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

Your friends and your destination to send your gift also received your gift by this site. You can redeem so easy and instantly from iTunes Store . However this promo also for U.S civil for Other country, is also next project for this promo. So For Japan. China, And Indonesia Just wait for this promotion to your country.
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