Bali's Mail Box for PEACE

Bali, Indonesia is one off tourist destination in vacation. Tourist around the world had known Bali. But after Bali blast in 2002 – Bomb Had terror Bali and Many tourist dies – tourist activities is go down. And the business is one by one was bankrupt. Now Noordin Moh Top had killed by Indonesian’s Police at last week ago. Bali’s Business is running, and increase at last day.

My friend Hendra is works in Bali. He had to income, first he does his job. Second income is became from tourist travel accommodation and sending post card. Post card is old school and replace by SMS – short messages service- However is the comfortable to send a greeting in Holyday – IDUL fitri, X mast day, or kuningan and nyepi’s day- is acceptable. The culture of sending greeting well is good. But some times Post man had leave the greeting cards by the below of door. It can make the card or mail is broken. Solution to this is a mail box. It is cheaper than we rent a P.O. Box in post office.
He thinks it is a challenges , how he gets much money. “just easy, find the sample of mail box producer or factory, modify the design and sell” that was he told me. I and Hendra browsing the internet to find out some factory or design of mail boxes. I did not agree with his choice, I find the old school design product. It matched in the residence in seminyak, Legian, and Kuta. Hendra thinking some thing, and calculate the cost of production and how much he gets if he sells the mailboxes. Great, he spoke so loudly at nine’s cyber cafĂ©. He decided to run this business by selling mail boxes. It simply and no more cost for production.

He order to this web store Mailbox, many type of mail boxes. Brcause this site accepted buying by online order.

  • Single type mail box, with the stick that hold the mail box
  • Multi type Mail boxes it pleasure to use in family residence, bungalow in Kuta, Bali.
  • Wall Mount MailBox is most ordered by Private residence in Kuta and Seminyak. Many Australian and U.S civil who own residence and bungalows property in Bali almost ordered.
I hope his can succeed to run this business. Believing hendra, and situation of bali never bombed again. And people safe each other and send greeting messages, no more SMS. Good luck brother.

Chemistry Help

My task had to submitted in this week. I get many problems in chemistry, because the nuclear physics is need more advance chemistry lesson. The task is completely complex in chemistry lesson, so simple and not so hard. It just a like chemist in K-12. Some time I ask my friend to teaches me in Chemistry Tutor. However this task had to finished and solved by my friend in this week. Swear i need Chemistry Tutoring now.

I had searching in Google how to solve many Questions in my assignment. That’s not so easy like that time when in my school (senior High School). As long as I remember this site had a Online chemistry help , no one website had explain the chemist more than I want. Since I fond this site, that so completely to finished my task. Just a moment, although this site is better than the site had recommended from my friends to me.
For example in my task:

  • Explain the chain about alkynes’ structure? This was easy in our k12. But now I must focused in physics, but my subject that I take (chemistry) had to finish in this week.
  • Count how much hydrogen that had in to alkynes and alcohol ? explained, and find the name of the structure each other? Wow, I forget this lesson. Swear I need some one help me. With simply tutor, or much books.
Finally this site is one of solution to solve my assignment. For further I need to answer my question it had. If the question correctly hard we still can solve. Because this site contains is full Chemistry Help and many question or test. In this part of site had contact to administrator to Online Chemistry Tutoring . Just click, find your need to finish the task. Prepare your examination of chemistry, by internet, no more pages, no more books. Use internet to more smart solution.
I recommend to you it is different than college or city library website. Check it out and feel the different. Chemist study.

note: this is not only for student of college, student of school can use it(k12). Subject of chemistry had divide by Online Chemistry Tutor . And You can find out the tutor

Statistik Blog

Dalam bloging saya tertarik sekali memperhatikan statistiknya. Tempat langganan saya melihat statistik adalah di Sudah cukup komplit disini.

Sempat blog ini punya backlink tapi begitu blog ini tidak disentuh semua backlink itu lenyap. Menjadi tanda tanya besar sebenarnya pada diri saya cara untuk mendapat backlink ini.

Saatnya untuk mengembalikan statistik blog ini.

Untuk pengunjung blog ini saya informasikan sekali lagi kalo blog ini selain saya ada bangjlimz sebagai penulis, jangan sampai salah ya.

Mumpung masih suasana lebaran saya mengucapkan Mohon maaf lahir batin buat teman-teman blogger semuanya.

Barca VS Inter

Walaupun tidak menjadi fans berat dari intermilan maupun barcelona, pertandingan kali ini juga sangat penting dan layak untuk disaksikan. Tingkat pertandingan ini juga memiliki ke-fanatikan yang cukup. Memang tidak sebanding dengan pertandingan antara MU Versus Barcelona di Roma pada Akhir waktu yang lalu. Namun Bisa menghibur Para GIBOL Di penjuru Dunia. Termasuk para gibol di Indonesia.....

Tingkat phsyco pertandingan ini cukup besar mencapai 7/9,,artinya prediksi saya ini menjelaskan beberapa bursa taruhan dan kefanatikan menjadi sangat penting. SISI lain ini menjelaskan bagaimana Samuel Eto'o yang telah berpindah ke Intermilan harus menjajal Team yang dulu di Bela. Begitu Juga pada Ibra, yang Juga menjadi andalan Barca saat Ini..

Saatnya Membuktikan siapa yang cukup layak diandalkan untuk Juara Di Kancah eropa kali ini

Operating System

Jember University is one of college in Indonesia. It a state university, one of favorite college in Indonesia. Information center does not use a Macintosh Operating system. Some time we got a trouble in network, and more displeasure at internet access. However we always proud, but i think it need some to increase in access. With networking or internet access with true operating system. Many student do not learn more internet access and more about networking.

My group had critic the officer to change the operating system in to Linux ( DEWAlinux, One of Distro of linux in my country). But in other time i had read the macintosh Operating system for network, i believe it can be powerful. Because the system can allows us to boot mac computer and could running in other mac Operating system X server..For further information u can contact this web.

In my mind macintosh operating system can make us in more information and powerful. For the server and client, otherwise no internet security software. Example mac operating system :

  1. Mac Operating system for Net boot service. First action you must installed the Mac OS software. It must to server for mac user in our college, or people who use mac operating system. If there is not install it can make a displeasure for the user. However Server can adding many people who does not use a windows operating system.
  2. Mac for net install image, is had a upgrading a mac OS. it so closed to us to optimized a deployment and purpose to and restore configuration to us. So server can close to user and more free network in our college.

The conclusion is Jember University's information center should be change the operating system. And make a network user pleasure and easier to identity user image and operating system. Or give us some reason to use and protected the networking in our university. However is sugest to my college to buy windows 7 Thanks

Business,,Business,,and Business again

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  1. Build Your Web in some domain and some hosting. Or you can make by Blog (Blogspot, wordpress, and many more).
  2. Increase your rank, by blogwalking. Follow. some blog that you interest, or create a feed burner to your account.
  3. Or contact some people who can teach you to make some interest website or blogs
  4. Get a Web directory, Now.

In Other someone can teach you for further web blog master. For You, i guest to ask Jasmine directory or Max directory . Dont Forget To Joint with us after you call them.

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Its No to easy for me to prove who am I? Where am I? and more question that i dont know the answer,,,,so closed to die before,,,so terrible in my live

Treasure Dreams come true

Jack Sparrow said to us “how got a gold, without buy?” So William turner was ignored the idea. His had a good idea, how buy gold in Tortuga (port of pirates). That’s awesome in Caribbean’s sea, where gold had got by stole or rob the British ship, or more EIC trading ship. For a long times ago England had accepted buy gold coins, this is one of economic policy of this country. They call it mercantilism that country (England, Spain, Holland, Portugal, etc) is race to find mine of gold. Then they trade, by sell and buy gold coin. England and Spain had draw theirs king in theirs gold coin.

William T. and Captain Jack Sparrow love to collects British gold coins. They call English coins is more mystic and prestige to trade in Tortuga. Tortuga is accepted more than Gold, this place is heaven for the pirates in the world. At this age gold is everything, whatever you got? Pirate, mugging, stole, robbing. However there is story of Black pearl ship that had own by Captain Jack Sparrow who prefer steal a gold than buy gold coin.

In this age many people had said to us, forex and fund is real investment. When a big bubble had explosive or bang in the end of year 2008, global market is shacked down. Many company had Bankrupt, many people had lost their money and investment. Too much people had fired from their jobs, some people had innovate to back economic policy, buy bullion. Some bank and financial consultant solve people to buy gold bullion. There more stable to fight this crisis and more increased to trade or sale again. Check this site to find more solution about financial against to the crisis of this age

Gold can safe your money, solve your finance problems and more solution to our live. For further information contact us.

Pembatasan Penggunaan komputer

Penggunaan computer sering kali membuat kita lupa akan kebutuhan waktu. Atau saat melihat anak ataupun adik-adik kita yang betah berlama-lama dihadapan computer. Entah sedang main game, ataupun berinternet ria dengan facebook. Tentunya kita tidak dapat melarang apalagi computer dan teknologinya sekarang merupakan kebutuhan yang tak dapat dihindarkan. Salah satu solusinya adalah dengan membatasi pemakaian computer itu sendiri. Kita dapat menggunakan fungsi dasar dari sistem MS-DOS (untuk windows tentunya).
  1. Pastikan dalam operasional computer anda terdiri dari 2 buah user accounts. Dan salah satu fungsi user accountnya memiliki type “limited”. Dan yang lainnya adalah administrator.
  2. Jika belum, buatlah sebuah user accounts khusus untuk anak atau adik anda, tanpa password- untuk memudahkan mereka mengakses computer- dan ini akan berbeda dengan user accounts milik anda yang berpassword nantinya dan memiliki akses penggunaan computer secara bebas.
  3. Jika semua sudah dilakukan- sudah terdapat user accounts dengan type limited- maka log-in pada user accounts anda yang memiliki password serta fungsi admin. Setelah itu klik menu windows/start kemudian “Run”. Lalu ketikan “cmd.exe” untuk membuka command prompt. Atau dapat juga anda gunakan pada menu all programs| accessories kemudian klik menu command prompt.
  4. Pada command prompt tersebut anda dapat mengetikan : “net user tamu/times:Monday-Saturday,13-16”( hilangkan tanda kutip- setelah parameter /times tidak diijinkan ada spasi) misalkan nama user account baru untuk anak anda adalah tamu, atau Andi. Jika semua telah benar dilakukan maka tekan Enter.
  5. Untuk mengecek apakah yang anda lakukan telah sesuai maka ketikan “net user tamu” pada command prompt sehingga anda dapat mengetahui informasi dan detail tentang program tersebut.
  6. Sekarang anda tidak perlu lagi mengingatkan dan khawatir pada anak atau adik anda dalam menggunakan computer karena telah disediakan waktu khusus dalam mengguunakan computer . Dan dengan bijak anda telah memberikan aturan tanpa anda harus bersusah payah mengingatkan.
  7. Jika nantinya anda sudah tidak mau membatasi lagi. Maka yang perlu anda lakukan adalah menyeting ulang waktu yang akan digunakan dengan perintah pada command prompt “net user tamu/times:all”. Dan anda sudah membebaskan anak anda dari peraturan waktu dalam menggunakan computer.

Investment In Gold

There is nobody in this world likes to be trapped by the debt problems in their life. But is the fact, many people always make some debts as one. The Solution is investing a money in a buy gold or buy some forex. There no one can change the safe investment other gold.

Some people worry about theirs gold, because he worried if the gold had stolen. But in this site u can find more safety investment with buy gold coin so is easy to travel and bring it. Many solution is gold can trade in other country without worried about rejected. Many Country is accept to buy gold coins. Some Older gold is in U.S statistic, because gold might is a liquid investment trading throughout daily economic challenge.

there is many option to investment your money:

  • 1. Buy Gold (gold, gold coin)
  • 2. Buy Bullion (is easy to trade because is more safety than buy a gold or gold coins. It's including by portfolio of stock, and reduce the volatility. If the economic challenge is go down the portfolio of your is increased or static. So I offer U to buy Gold bullion , many option for price (American Buffalo, Australian Gold Nugget, and more price thats offer to buy gold coins )

So what are U Waiting for is time to investment to buy Gold bullion and find your earn money in this site !!

Fashion At party

Make your personality live performance at party. Every people want looks good, so many people like to show what they have.It guide how to make me looks good at my friend's party at thats time. shopwiki offer more than a hundreds fashionable for men and women.For example ( site and find your guide to fashionable person).

All over this site is give and more solution to make a party so colourfull. And this price isn't make your budget is empty. In other time you can prove more fashionable party. And get people fashionist and comfertable to entering many party, lets go to fashionable a party.

You can get a solution about how we get looks good (handsome and beauty) without expensive price. So could you go to party with riddicolous watch? or with Vintage not fashionist jewel?? Dont make your friend shy because your customs is not comfortable and fashionable.

AC Milan Had Lossed In San Siro

This week Derby match had played in Milan. this is about the true fighter in One Home Town And best In the World. Intermilan Has Won with 4 goal in AC Milan.. In First match
AC Milan Has lossed 3 Points Goal, and Added By Intermilan In Second Match..So I was Freak To The World
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