Browser's War

Recently, mozilla firefox launch a new browser with a series 4.0 (beta) 11 it becomes interesting. Amid the incessant promotion of vigorous-android (google) with a light and fast browser google chrome, and Opera 10 attacks, with tools Turbo. Mozilla does not want to lose, with a very fresh. Unlike the Mozilla 3.6.13 which is a refinement of previous series this browser as the result of marriages between GOOGLE CHROME with Opera, but still visible identity of Mozilla.

How about Internet Explorer (IE), the Author does not want to try. Because I do not believe about Internet Explore, where the options does not block many pop-up and many trojan that have many Malware (mallicouse ware). Author does not try Safari. But I heard safari has many problems with many operating system except Macintosh Operating System. Thanks, this informations sugest you for your internet browser. Try and lets we discuss


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